Waterproof iPods at Standup Paddle Sports

A day without music is like a day without sunshine…and standup paddling with music *REALLY* enhances the sunshine…

Listen to our JUKEBOX while you surf our site…you can even leave the player going after you leave…

“I wanna love like Johnny and June…” stroke…stroke…stroke…
“Rings of fire burning with you…”stroke…stroke…stroke…
“I wanna walk the line until the ends of time…”stroke…stroke…stroke…

We are the exclusive dealer for the waterproof iPod (SwimMan) in the Santa Barbara area…no bulky water resistant housing necessary…the Apple iPod
is sealed from the inside out…we’ve done the research and testing…this is definitely the way to go…smallest footprint possible…and the waterproof
earphones sound the best and actually stay in your ears doing what you love to do best…GO OFF!!!

Blue, orange, green, red, pink, or the classic silver…MSRP $250…

Swimman has created the first and only completely waterproof iPod shuffle. NO BULKY CASE REQUIRED! In fact, there’s no added case at all.
Just the tunes you want, anytime and anywhere you want. SwimMan, the originator of waterproof audio players and waterproof headphones, has combined
two top-of-the-line products by two top-of-the-line companies: A 100% SwimManTM WATERPROOFED Apple 1GB iPod Shuffle (2nd generation) and SwimMan’s
acclaimed 100% WATERPROOF headphones.

This is truly the “go anywhere, do anything” iPod Shuffle for all sports and leisure activities on land or in the water. It is the easiest, simplest to use, best
sounding, most rugged and most versatile MP3 Player on the market worldwide.

We know you will be absolutely thrilled with an iPod that’s waterproofed. It will enhance your swimming and water sports experience.
This is the way your favorite tunes should be: limitless!

WARDOGWaterproof iPods at Standup Paddle Sports

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