Standup Paddling Palau

When Shauna and Rachel walked through the doors of our standup paddle shop in Santa Barbara last year, little did we (or they) know that they would get bit
by the standup paddling bug so bad that it would change their lives…and vocations…forever…

“One day while out paddling among the swells of the Pacific Ocean in our hometown, we were reminiscing about Palau and it hit us like a huge wave.
Palau, the land at the end of the rainbow, would be the ideal place to stand up paddle. We kept imagining paddling in the flat, warm, clear waters of Palau.
In fact, we thought about it so much, we decided we had to come back and do it.

So here we are. Us and our stand up paddle boards, and our love of fun and adventure.”

They have purchased a dozen boards (Starboard) and paddles (Werner) from us…along with a bunch of accoutrements…and we’ve helped to ship them, and one of our mobile SUP racks, to the island of Palau
where they have opened Standup Paddle Palau…the first SUP tour company in Micronesia…

:: Palau is one of the most extraordinary diving spots on this planet.

:: Palau was named the Number One Underwater Wonder of the World by CEDAM — a group of marine scientists and conservationists.

:: Palau enjoys a pleasantly warm climate all year round with an annual mean temperature of 82° degrees F.

More Palau factoids…

Shauna and Rachel have spocked out the best paddling and snorkeling areas on these islands…
They are fun to hang with…we always enjoy it when we see their van roll up to the shop…

We’re really L@@King forward to taking advantage of the SUP tours led by these self-admitted “two crazy women from California who love Palau, and all that it
has to offer”.

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