Dave Kalama Signs with Naish

We’ve heard the chatter for awhile now…legendary waterman Dave Kalama signs with Naish

Naish International is pleased to announce the addition of legendary waterman Dave Kalama to both the Naish stand up board team and Naish product design
group, where he will work alongside Harold Iggy, Rick and Robby Naish and product manager Michi Schweiger in our ongoing efforts to keep Naish at the
forefront of SUP development.

Dave Kalama has been a fixture in Maui’s “heavy water” scene since it’s inception, and is famous for his spectacular surfing at Jaws, his background
as a champion windsurfer, and his open-minded approach regarding pushing the limits of what is possible on the ocean that, together with together with fellow master
waterman Laird Hamilton, has revived sport of stand up paddling.

Product Manager Michi Schweiger notes: Dave is a great asset. He brings the same “on the water” philosophy to the table that has been the central theme
of Naish product design since Robby started the company – the whole philosophy of building rock solid equipment that helps people improve their riding instead
of limiting it.
Dave was a immediate fit, and we are stoked to have him on board.

With several new products already in the development pipeline, and lots more to come, there is no question that Dave will be a key player in the future
of this new industry, and Naish is proud to have him on the team!

Dave (Naish), and his cousin Ekolu (Starboard), have solidified their ohana as true paddling champions…

They came in with the fastest overall time in the 2008 Quicksilver Edition Paddleboard Race.
That was their third consecutive win in the SUP team… division

Here is an interview with Dave Kalama

Now that Dave Kalama is with Naish, I’m sure we’ll see him here in Santa Barbara sometime soon…

WARDOGDave Kalama Signs with Naish

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