Hello Illinois!!!

Kind of a strange occurrence the other day when we had three different clients with an Illinois connection buy standup paddle boards from us…and they all surf…while another brotha representing Illinois, (who also rides waves) debated for the highest office in the land, on the national stage…then in a few days, sista Gretchen Wilson is coming to town to entertain us on Chumash land…she is from Pocahontas (Illinois) and will sing California Girls…but, then she is Politically Uncorrect…WEIRD…;-)

Perhaps, it’s partially a function of how many boards we’re selling and shipping…regardless, it’s interesting nonetheless…

They talk about six degrees of separation…oftentimes, it’s a few less than that…

Maybe if the world leaders understood this connectivity, there would be less conflict(s)…

This image showing standup paddlers in a canoe, was discovered on the walls of a palace in Khorsabad, Iraq…dating ~ 700 BC…this area is commonly referred to as the “Cradle of Civilization”…granted, they’re prolly not paddling for pure pleasure…but, who knows what turned them on…sounds like crossing the Molokai Channel on a SUP is grueling and not that pleasurable either…;-)

See how we just connected Iraq to Illinois by standup paddling?…;-)

Native Americans in Illinois, the Illini, made dugout canoes by hollowing out large trees…sometimes 50′ in length…and most likely paddled them at times standing up…many native cultures around the world did…and still do…it’s only natural!!!

Here’s one of our Illinois connected clients, Jon Ham, showing off his new Naish 9’6″ quadfin

Jon’s business is called Fitness On The Run…here are some You Tube clips of Jon

We think he’ll do alright on his new board…;-)

Speaking of new boards…and stoked standup paddlers…here’s our shop grom, Tucker Ingalls, showing off his new Naish 7’11” custom…

More shots of Tucker ripping

WARDOGHello Illinois!!!

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