Utah Paddle Festival

John & Elizabeth Becker sent a few pics (gallery here) and a note regarding the 2nd Annual Ogden Paddle Festival last Saturday…

Standup paddling is going off in Utah!!!

Hey Deb & Warren,

Attached are a few pics of yesterday’s event – it was a HUGE success!
We gave lessons to about 140 people plus about 20-25 that weren’t on the sign-in sheet. We heard that our very first participant, Pam G*****, called and ordered a board from you yesterday – KEWL! The Belmont family, Michael, Jennifer, James, & Christian, were a big help – we couldn’t have done it without them. They helped us organize people, give lessons, and helped with our t-shirt raffle give away (see our raffle tickets attached!). It was a big hit!!!

Tom Powers (the guy you sold the green Jimmy 11′) also came for part of the day to help us with his board (he’s the one in the picture with the ponytail). That is his son Jonah on the little Naish 6’6″. It was great to have his board there because we sure used it!

The Ogden City Recreation Manager, Annette, couldn’t believe the turn-out for the entire event, but mentioned that the highlight was the SUP event! Kamiah was the star of the show. Both Beth and I did demos with her on the front of the board and everyone loved having her as the greeter at the booth. I think there will be a lot of people ordering boards through the event. I’ll forward any news clips, etc. that come out. We were told by one photographer that Kamiah would definitely be on the news and in the newspaper 🙂

Talk to you later today,

P.S. I am still planning to burn a video for you with Kamiah paddling clips.

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