Naish 2009 SUP Program

We’ve had lots of inquiries about info on the 2009 Naish SUP’s… In addition to the gallery of the 2009 Naish 9’6″ Quad that we have already shared with you…we’ll provide detailed pics of the other gorgeous new SUP boards in the expanding Naish lineup… Click on image below for a L@@K at the 2009 Naish SUP brochure… Stoked …

WARDOGNaish 2009 SUP Program

Moms In Motion SUP Demo/ Team Launch

We had a great time yesterday helping the Santa Barbara chapter of Moms In Motion launch their standup paddling team… Click on image for Moms In Motion standup paddle team gallery… Moms In Motion® is a Global Network connecting Moms through Fitness, Fun & Philanthropy. Moms meet other moms with similar interests and fitness goals. With nearly 5000 members, Moms …

WARDOGMoms In Motion SUP Demo/ Team Launch

Freestanding SUP Racks

When the head of our shipping department (local SUP ripper, Brian Bowie) mentioned that his son Josh is a pretty good welder…we tasked him to weld up some new freestanding (or wall boltable) SUP display racks for the shop… These racks will be commercially available soon…there is already a waiting list…almost everyone that’s seen them wants a set for their …

WARDOGFreestanding SUP Racks

More Starboard Shizzle

L@@K for a quite impressive roll out of the 2009 Starboard SUP (& windsurf) lineup in the coming weeks…we just returned from the big Starboard Pow Wow…where we saw , or heard about, over a dozen new shapes…exciting new graphics…and new constructions…including the new state of the art, wood/carbon boards…lighter and stronger… Starboard has total commitment to making the highest …

WARDOGMore Starboard Shizzle

New 2009 Starboard SUP's and Sailboards

We’ve been playing around on some of the new Starboard 2009 product…One of the surprises is how surfable the new 10’1″ x 34″ is…obviously, it’s gonna be stable…in thruster mode, it’s also quite surfable… The new “Super” 12’6″ has a well designed and quite functional retractable center finthat sails very smoothly…motors you back upwind in the slightest breeze…also, will function …

WARDOGNew 2009 Starboard SUP's and Sailboards

Doggone Oregon

The highlight of this trip so far has been getting our young Chocolate Lab, Molly Claire, on the standup board… Although, it was pretty chill last night under a gorgeous moon…bonfire on the beach with Ekolu Kalama playing and singing…this guy is talented…you’ll get a chance to hear him in SoCal, as he’ll be playing…and paddling, at the Gerry Lopez …

WARDOGDoggone Oregon

Behind the Redwood Curtain

Hey now,Back in the old stomping grounds…with some new toyz…hitting a few spots that we use to surf and chill at back in the day… Of course, we netted a bushel of fun waves…as it’s coming on Harvest Moon…;-) We won’t bore you with the food details…but, the seafood at the Crazy Norwegian’s is always off the scale… Peace out …

WARDOGBehind the Redwood Curtain

Standup Paddle Sports Eye Popper

Rob Heeley just dropped by the finished artwork for Rev. 1 of our new high end graphics clothing line… Check it…Peace out.. Stoked For Life ™ is the world’s leading stoke provider for standup paddle surfing, windsurfing, & other surfing sports.

WARDOGStandup Paddle Sports Eye Popper

Ekolu Kalama Interview / Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle

Here’s a video clip interview with Starboard stand up paddle team rider Ekolu Kalama, three time winner of the Standup division of the Quiksliver Molokai crossing race.Ekolu reflects on his tour around the U.K. and big wave surfing at Jaws with Laird Hamilton. Video by Since becoming Starboard’s top standup gun, Ekolu has been traveling the world Duke style…spreading …

WARDOGEkolu Kalama Interview / Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle

New Standup Paddle T-shirt Series

Rob has been making progress on the final artwork for our new line of standup paddle shirts and hoodies…he’s been going off!!! There will also be a wahine line and others to follow… Stoked For Life ™ is the world’s leading stoke provider for standup paddle surfing, windsurfing, & other surfing sports.

WARDOGNew Standup Paddle T-shirt Series