Mistral Pacifico Wave

In our relentless quest to bring you the best standup paddling gear in the world, we test new gear delivered to our shop doors in Santa Barbara almost daily…we’re now ready to offer you guys a board that we’ve been riding and sharing amongst the local standup paddling community that has gotten double shakas by everyone that’s ridden it…introducing, the Mistral “Pacifico Wave”

This puppy is lightweight, strong, durable, nice l@@King, stable, glides well, and surfs like a dream…now on sale for $999 (MSRP $1399)

It comes with a great paddling fin made of high quality G-10…factory installed pad,…and, you can throw a sail rig on it…even footstraps, if you prefer…not much more to ask for in an 11’er…

The stand up paddleboard and lightwind wave sailing longboard for intermediate to expert riders!

Catching waves with or without a sail has never been easier! The all-new 11’2″ 2008 Pacifico Wave (170 liters) is biased more towards maneuverability and performance waveriding with its thinner rails, and increased bottom rocker. The lighter, stiffer sandwich construction of the Pacifico Wave offers a more lively ride than the standard Pacifico.

For all advanced riders who’ve ever dreamed of surfing waves like Kelly – smooth, technical and with style. Designed, developed and tested by Kaleo Alfredo (Hookipa Lifeguard & Jaws Big Wave Rider).

A partial EVA foam deck pad provides great comfort and traction and reduces overall weight. The Pacifico Wave comes with a 28cm G-10 wave fin, footstrap inserts, mast track, and an integrated carrying handle.

For the full-on windsurf addict the Pacifico Wave also offers a mast track for wave sailing on the light wind days with up to 6.5m wave sails. The newly developed Scoop-Rocker line makes the board super easy to maneuver and ensures you can always be at the right spot on the wave. The board accelerates through the bottom turn to give enough power and speed for the right timing on the cut back.

Click on image below for gallery images of the Mistral Pacifico Wave

– Shaped by Mark Nelson and tested by Kaleo Alfredo (Big Wave rider Jaws),

– Pure waveriding scoop-rocker-Line

– Intec Sandwich construction

– Perfect combination of light weight technology & durability

– Unique Premium Wood Design

– Partial EVA deck for smooth riding (anti-slip grip)

– Leash insert for comfortable wave riding sessions

– Integrated Handle Grip for ECTB (easy carry to the beach)

– G10 custom 28cm fin by Kai Hopf

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