Dog Days of Summer

This Summer was a blur…except for the time that slowed down while we were on our standup paddleboards…we sincerely hope that the hundreds and hundreds of standup paddleboards that we helped you guys adopt into your quivers this Summer, have allowed you guys to slow things down a bit as well…;-)

A paddling trip that went down a 2 lane road through the Avenue of the Giants, behind the Redwood Curtain, allowed Deb to slow things down a bit…click hyperlinks for more Redwoods pics…

You may have noticed that our blog and website is fairly photo intensive…;-)
Really, what you see are just snapshots of bits and pieces that we barely have time to throw out there…kinda reminds me of that Jimmy Buffett song…

“Takin’ polaroid pictures that are never in focus
Just to look at when they finally slow down
Full moon, so soon
Wishin’ every month of the year could be June”

Cliches – Jimmy Buffett

Hopefully, we have enough time with the new digital camera technology to get one in focus ever now and again…;-)

Nothing like skinny dipping in a river to make a couple of Labs happy…

Annie Mae and Molly Claire getting some quality water time…

Nothing like a happy Labrador in water…

Parting shot was sent to us from Steven Ford

He got this image of our Utah standup paddling rep, John Becker, with his dog Kamiah at the Ogden Paddlefest

Here is Kamiah about to shove off…

You can see more of Steven’s pics here

WARDOGDog Days of Summer

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