We actually do say YEE_HAW and hey ya’ll ’round here!…at least when Fiesta, the rodeos, and the Mid-State Fair are in town…;-)

Are we having fun yet?…seriously, is everbody S T O K E D ?!!!???

We hope everybody is having a great Summer standup paddling…sure sounds like it from the reports that we’re getting from all over this continent…Witchita, KS…Fairmont, MN…Pensacola, FL…Buffalo, NY…Coure D’ Laine, ID…Put In Bay, OH…Hendersonville, NC…Myrtle Beach, SC…Redondo Beach, CA…just to name a few…

Heck, we just had a client from Alberta, Canada drive down with his family, and picked up a couple of Starboard Fishies from us…Brad was sporting a really kewl new Airstream “Basecamp” full of toyz…he promised us some piccies from his home waters once he returns home…

This just in from a hard core windsurf/surf nut on the Central Cali Coast…

Subject: The Stoke

“A.L. today, all by my lonesome, hot, glassy, inconsistent but waist high
waves, a pod of dolphins hanging out the whole time, just past the impact zone,
with pelican hell divers, and me. There is nothing like dragging your paddle
across the top of the lip, and that’s all I have to say about that.”

Never really told you how stoked I am.

Sea ya ~ GB (Cambria, CA)

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Some of the kewlest newz of all this Summer comes from Brian Caserio at Side-Off Video…BTW, he’s holding the best selection of windsurfing and kiteboarding DVD’s on the planet…

Hey Warren and Debbie,

Thought you might like to see little Spencer in action. Now he asks me to bring “his” standup paddleboard to the beach when we go. He’s hooked. He mostly uses one of my dad’s super old surfboards.

A little background on Spencer Rocket Caserio…
On September 2, 2003, at 2 years, 10 months old, Spencer was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). This is a somewhat rare and aggressive form of childhood leukemia.

“As of July 1, 2008 Spencer was given a completely clean bill of health. No issues whatsoever. In any tests that gave instant feedback he is normal to above normal in all of them. Don’t know what else to say besides Spencer is a rock star. Keep it up. We could not be happier.”

…and neither could we…way to go Spencer!!!…SOOOOO STOKED!!!!


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