Red Bull Stands Up

The folks at Red Bull
are a major sponsor of pro surfing and many other watersport events…so it was only a matter of time until they decided to give standup paddling a go…of course, they chose Santa Barbara (the SUP mecca of North America) for their initial baptismal…go figure…;-)

Live music…a flotilla of Naish standup paddleboards, great food & drink provided Shoreline Beach Cafe…and a supply boat just offshore loaded with (what else???) Red Bull and dancing girls…talk about a carrot on the end of a stick…;-)

Everyone was game to standup paddle at our dynamic waterfront venue, even with the brisk afternoon sea breeze…which BTW, was enjoyed by Wet Wednesday boat racers…and Nite Moves swimmers and runners…powering upwind and current…

Pro Red Bull athlete Kai Lenny (Maui) was flown in to help with the standup paddle instruction…he took advantage of the breeze to do a downwinder from the offshore Red Bull mother ship, using a surfboard as a sail…

More pics in this gallery

If you are interested in doing a corporate team building event or retreat, or private group clinic / party, involving standup paddling at this venue in Santa Barbara, we can arrange event and hotel logistics for you…just give us a shout out to schedule…

WARDOGRed Bull Stands Up

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