Werner Adjustable Carbon Standup paddles

Just received the new Werner adjustable carbon standup paddles with the new ergonomic palm grip with thumb control…MSRP $339…

Weight is 23 oz.
4 settings (via double push pin at 1.5″ increments)
Available in 4 sizes:


Performance Core Blade Design

: Light and buoyant in aerated water for enhanced performance
: Tough Dynel™ edging for greater durability

Blade Shape and Construction

: Mid size teardrop shaped with rounded corners that reduces torque
: Slight spoon shape at blade tip that provides a catch that is smooth and quiet
: Dihedral back reduces blade flutter for a stable stroke, more comfort, and less fatigue

Shaft and T-grip

The shaft is durable carbon construction which is light weight

: An oval index for added control
: An enhanced ABS T-grip is designed for maximum blade control and great durability
: Light swing weight

WARDOGWerner Adjustable Carbon Standup paddles

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