Longboard Wavesailing Revolution

Here are shots of Patrice Belbeoch laying into some meaty waves on the 11’5″ Exocet Kona…you can see how these new longboards can bottom turn on critical sections of the wave…also, of note is how he’s charging the lippers…

Erwan Crouan Photographe

Moves like these have been the domain of shortboards since longboards were replaced in windsurfing around the early 80’s…ironically, in surfing that same time period coincided with the beginning of the return of longboarding since being displaced by shortboarding in the late 60’s and early 70’s…and now we have long, and “short” standup paddleboards…and the beat goes on…and on…

Viva La Revolution!

WARDOGLongboard Wavesailing Revolution

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