Argentina's First Standup Paddle Surf School

We just received the email attached below this flyer from some super stoked standuppers from Buenos Aires, Argentina who have opened up the first standup paddle surf school in their country…they also are manufacturing their own line of paddles and standup paddleboards…

Click on the flyer below to see pictures of their first event…

“Aloha everyone
My name is Sabrina Paoloni and I work in the major surf company in Argentina called Camaron Brujo. Owned by Latinamerican Surfing Champions Sebastian and Marcelo Galindo.
I write mostly to tell you that you have been a major source of inspiration since I just opened the first Stand Up Paddle Surf School in Argentina. Its a pretty new sport here, people hardly know about it.
We hosted an event sponsored by Red Bull to show how the sport is done and gather up the whole surfing/kite/and wakeboarding scene. The school is located at the shore of a nautical city called San Isidro, surrounded by calmed waters. Ideal for everyone to start paddlesurfing.
We also manufacture the boards and paddles ourselves.

Mahalo, I love what you do. Hope to hear from you soon…Happy New Year!!”

Stay stoked…and pay it forward…

WARDOGArgentina's First Standup Paddle Surf School

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