Fun standup paddle (SUP) stuff

Hey now,
As if standup paddling on a lake in Utah wasn’t fun enough…these guys bust out a boat and standup paddle surf the endless wave on a lake in Switzerland…

The ancient Hawaiians started it. Modern Hawaiians revived it. Now
Australian surfers including Richie Lovett and 2 time World Champ Tom Carroll, have caught the bug.

It’s called stand up paddle-board surfing, and it appears set to become
the most talked about aquatic pastime since modern surfboards first hit
these shores 50 years ago.

More pro surfers losing their standup virginity…

In footage reminiscent of a wild old Bruce Brown movie, Taj and Snake’s introduction to stand-up paddle surfing could only be described as complete carnage. But then again there probably wouldn’t be that many people who’d give it a shot at a solid reef break in a blustery devil wind.

After much hilarity, within half an hour the boys turned things around and ended up putting in a more than respectable first time effort: hitting lips all over the place and throwing their 9’ logs around in a way that very few tree-hugging longboard gliders could even dream of.

Finally, in celebrity news…Jennifer Garner and Matt Damon catch the standup paddle bug…

WARDOGFun standup paddle (SUP) stuff

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