Fins for Exocet Kona

A couple of our G-10 wavey fin designs are working very well on the Kona Style…decreases the turning
radius and loosens the Kona up…you don’t need all of that vertical depth of the 40cm stock fin,
because the rail (water line) is being used…and you have a daggerboard if necessary…

My 10″ (25cm) FreeWeed:

Exocet Kona fin

12″ (30.5cm) FreeWeed:

Exocet Kona fin

More pics of 12″:

& 13.5″ (34cm) ATX (All Terrain Xtreme):
Exocet Kona fin

If you don’t want to go with my giant wave fins, the 34cm ATX has more sweep than the 36cm Cross fin,
more surface area, and it’s in G-10…

Here’s a comparison pic of all 3…

We ship globally…recently shipped a bunch to Australia…

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WARDOGFins for Exocet Kona

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