SOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

We haven’t received the Exocet Kona Surfs in the US yet…prolly about a month out…but, we’ve hooked up
many happy sailors with Kona Styles

I have been asked basically the question of relative differences dozens of times…so I put a gallery of pics
together comparing the Kona Style with the SOS standup / wavesailing longboards…
I think the surfboard refinements of the SOS boards are pretty obvious…

SOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

longboard wavesailing in Santa Barbara

longboard surfsailing in Santa Barbara

The Kona is a sailboard…but, it definitely functions as a
standup board to do downwinders…and it can ride waves…

We shipped one of our carbon paddles to a guy in Sweden to make him the 1st beach boy surfer in
Sweden…and he got a Kona to facilitate that…

standup paddle surfing on a Kona

More pics here & here

Here is Big Red planing in light air longboard surfsailing mode:

longboard windsurfing on a standup paddleboard in Santa Barbara

WARDOGSOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

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