SOS Production Standup Paddleboards

SOS Production Standup Paddleboards:
The new production Sean Ordonez standup paddleboards are here!!!
Big Red (11’11”) and Big Blue (10’10”) have never looked so gorgeous…
We’re really stoked on how they turned out…:-)
sean ordonez shapes, standup paddleboards
 Sean Ordonez Shapes, production standup paddleboards
These are the 1st production standup paddle surfboards  available in the world.
We know that these beauties are going to put miles of smiles on their owners….
The 1st round is sold out at MSRP $1300, with the next shipment from the factory due in ~ 3 weeks…lots mo’ info on them in this BLOG…Da Blog…

WARDOGSOS Production Standup Paddleboards