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Jeff McV from the Oregon Coast responds to the news of Sean Ordonez new waveboard line:
“Good to hear this.
There seems to be a pretty big gap between the 70 and 88 Classic
Rockets. The 76ltr (SO Drops 2-Stroke 200) is just such a perfect fit for me.
Maybe the 70 would work but man I still like to have a little bit-O-float under me
at 80KG.”
Hi Jeff,
Did you see the Rocket Fish 82?
Rocket Fish 82(235cm x 56cm) (7’8″).

Here’s a better shot of the Rocket Fish 68…extrapolate up a bit for the RF82…

I chatted with Sean O today…here is his response to Jeff’s volume concerns with the new SO Classic waveboard that replaces his Drops 2-Stroke design…

“Please mention to Jeff, that I truly believe the 70 (73lts volume) is going to be a good alternative to his 76 lt. which was really a 74 lt board. Volume and water displacement are important in designs of the board.

Customizing a board for a sailor, I really take into consideration the wind and sail size he uses. As far as true volumes (there are almost names to categorize boards)…the most important thing to know about the evolution and progress of shaping has been the application of the concaves to dramatically improve out of the hole lift and lift through the carving turns with increase holding power.

I placed on the SO Classic Rocket a single concave with a double within from the nose to the mastrack area(concaves reach out closer to the rail. This lift ends up adding the proper lift compared to higher volume.

The 2 stroke had a slight nose concave that allowed the board to lift out of hole and helped board carve through turns holding the nose down…but it’s concave did not reach out to the rails as much as the SO Classic. Bottom line, the proof will be in the pudding.
I will get some sample boards out to soon.

Aloha Sean O”

Sean’s 76 liter 2-Stroke is an all time classic…still looks very contemporary…and he has a cult following…

The 4-Stroke also has a following…here are some pics of it in action… 

Some verrrry beeeeg name sponsored sailors have recently bought a few of Sean’s shizzle sticks…they know what up…Sean’s da man…

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