Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Jalama “land of changing wind” picked up a hella Southerly swell the last few days…

sups jalama country300 1024x768 Beauty and the Beast

WARDOGBeauty and the Beast

Hannah’s B-day SUP Party

Pre-teen StandUp Paddle Party

Hannah rounded up a dozen of her friends to share the stoke of standup paddling with SUP lessons for her 12th birthday party…she even got her mom, Mary, stoked for life!

sups paddle party16 1024x768 Hannahs B day SUP Party

We started the group with expert lessons and water safety…then we took to the water to practice…we also took pics and they all got SUP tshirts…they said it was the funnest party they have ever had!

Sound like fun?
We can help you pull off a dream team building SUP event…or, private party like Hannah’s…click here for details

WARDOGHannah’s B-day SUP Party

7’6″ Mallet SUP

7’6″ Mallet SUP

Beautiful waves this morning for dawn patrol on the Gold Coast…
Al & I were trading waves and trading boards…7’6″ Mallet SUP model and 7’8″ Jammer SUP model…lots of lefts and lots of rights…‪

sups 76 mallet al1 1024x768 76 Mallet SUP


WARDOG7’6″ Mallet SUP

California Built SUP’s

California Built SUP’s

Many of the boards that we showed you being built in the last California Built blog post have been finished up and are ready to dance!

WARDOGCalifornia Built SUP’s

SUP Pups

SUP Pups…standup paddling with the dogs

Molly and Miranda enjoying a California winter 80* Sunday funday at the beach on their fav standup paddleboard…the Hammer soft top…the best built and performing soft top SUP on the market…K9 approved…;-)

sups pups goleta10 1024x576 SUP Pups


Winter in Santa Barbara

Winter in Santa Barbara

Wait, what?!?!…;-)

Seems like this Winter in Santa Barbara has been an endless Summer…we experiencing another string of 80* F weather in Santa Barbara…the water temps are still comfortable in the low 60′s…perfect weather for paddling in trunks…California Dreamin’ on a Fantastic Friday and SUPer Saturday!!!

Here’s Grant paddling a custom 10’3″ carbon Mahalo that we made for Dr. Ron…who is sharing some incredible drone images and video of Santa Barbara standup paddling venues with us…enjoy…

sups ron drone mahalo5 1024x768 Winter in Santa Barbara

Also, be sure to check out the Mahalo Series SUP’s…including the Mahalo Shaka…

WARDOGWinter in Santa Barbara

Jammer SUP Model

The Jammer SUP is a high performance wave riding machine that we developed 5 years ago…a number of it’s attributes are found in our Hammer Series…wide point back…wide tail with 5 fin option…deep double barrel concave…etc…

sups 710 carbon jammer40 1024x576 Jammer SUP Model

The carbon Jammer model is the lightest and strongest high performance SUP on the water…
It is designed to be ridden short board style…it generates unbelievable speed…the more you turn, the faster it goes…
WD jammin’ on his 7’10″ Jammer SUP model creation…

sups wd 710 jammer surf 931x1024 Jammer SUP Model

The quad + 1 fin set allows it to be SUPer loose…yet, positive…reduced swing weight in the nose enhances it’s maneuverability…stepped rails increase responsiveness…wide point back makes it pivot better…again, enhancing maneuverability…while, increasing stability…so much so that you can easily paddle it in staggered surf stance…

This 7’8″ x 31″ carbon Jammer is available at our shop now…

Vid clip of the 7’10″ Jammer jammin’ at a nice point break…

Vid clip of the 7’10″ Jammer jammin’ at a fast reef break…

Vid clip of the 7’10″ Jammer at a high tide beach break…

We love hooking people up with our handcrafted in the USA custom epoxy and carbon SUP creations…

Here’s one of our custom 8’6″ carbon Jammers for Don in Washington State…3 week turnaround time…

Don immediately took it out to the coast and gave us this first report…

I surfed the Jammer at WP today. I had high expectations and wasn’t disappointed.

The swell was 4.5′ and the surf was just crashing closeouts for the first hour or so.

The Jammer was pretty good getting out through the waves. It tends to pop up over white water nicely. The conditions today, however, made it tough to get out.

Stability is adequate for my 196lbs. I only fell off once or twice while loitering on the outside. Once I’m used to the board I don’t expect to fall much.

Durability was tested today. The bottom fell out on a couple of waves and I got worked pretty hard, but the board is still in one piece. It doesn’t seem to pull nearly as hard on the ankle as my 9’8″ during a wipe out.

After my surfing buddies got bummed by the poor conditions and went in it suddenly got glassy and the faces held for some really nice rides. I was dropping into steep overhead waves and getting several good turns before bailing out the back. The board works fine for larger waves – it was great on some waves which would have had my 9’8″ Element trying to go airborne.

The board’s agility is amazing. I’m an intermediate surfer, but was able to get a couple near vertical backside turns. Very much a short board rather than long board feel. I’ve barely tapped the potential and I’m really looking forward to the next session.

I’ll post some more as my experience with the board grows.

A very happy camper,


Robert is also one stoked unit!…he’s probably out on the water right now…



Subject: Jumbo Jammer


Robert here , just had to take a few minutes to thank you so much for time time you & all your staff spent with me to insure me that I was making the right move.

As always it seems you were right, I asked for the loosest board you’ve ever ridden & the stability of a 10′ Whopper. I was not disappointed in the least, the waves have been small but the 9′ Jumbo Jammer floats me like a dream & the Jammer is so loose everyday it just get better than the one before, I guess you could say I love it & “stoked for life”

You were right on the design of it to the size, I couldn’t be happier, best board I ever ridden & you know I have ridden a lot of boards.

Just had to let you know I’m totally STOKED see you in the water. I think you created an animal…;-)

Your customer for life,

Robert S******** (Malibu, CA)

7’5″ carbon Jammer…

WARDOGJammer SUP Model

Hammer WindSUP

Hammer WindSUP

Fun day out windSUP’n on the 8’11″ Hammer windSUP with mast track option…really fun board…planes up comfortably…sails like a dream…best that we have been on since being the first production SUP company in the world to install a mast track in a SUP back in 2005…the “Original WindSUP”…embodies all of the elements of the ultimate holy grail “one design”…SUPer cool…once you rip downwind…you can easily get back to your upwind starting point…;-)


sups windsup hammer14 1024x576 Hammer WindSUP

The Hammer windSUP is the ultimate watertoy…paddle it…surf it…sail it…

The best all around SUP on the market. This innovative, game-changing board can be ridden 8″-12″ shorter and 1″-2″ narrower than most SUP’s without sacrificing glide or stability. The copious amount of concave adds lots of lift to the nose area and tail reducing drag creating the fastest all water board that you will ever paddle, surf, or sail…

A very efficient bottom design and more parallel rails increase glide and improve tracking…but, we have also doused it with some special mojo awesome sauce that will help to salivate your taste buds…;-)

sups wardog 811 hammer 2 1024x768 Hammer WindSUP

sups deb 811 hammer 2 1024x682 Hammer WindSUP

sups sb summer38 3 1024x768 Hammer WindSUP

Part of the the secret is H20 channel hydrodynamics…deep concaves…increasing lift…decreasing drag…quad + 1…multiple fin optimization choices…increased the primary and secondary stability…optimized the rocker line for speed…and, developed the “Chisel Tail” for increased maneuverability…etc…and, in the process, created a board that goes faster when you stand on the nose…is more stable than boards 2″ wider…can turn off the tail like a shortboard, and, also paddles like boards 12″ longer!!!


California Built

Here’s a new mock up we are working on to laminate on our California built SUP’s…the green one for our ECOBOARDS

Here’s a few of the California built boards that we have made lately…click to enlarge…

sups cali production 1200 1024x948 California Built

cali built green 650 California Built

Lots of new California built SUP’s going through production right now…

WARDOGCalifornia Built

Seas the day

Seas the Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to multi-repeat client, Margaux!

We just built her the absolutely most beautiful double sided wood veneer board that I have ever seen!
8’6″ WD high performance wave ripper…certified enviro green ECOBOARD…California, USA built…

Know what you want to get what you need…

sups wd86 margaux18 Seas the day

sups wd86 margaux Seas the day

‘Seas’ the day!

Stand Up Paddle Sports, Santa Barbara CA nailed it again!
Stoked about my beautiful new board. You guys knocked it out of the park!
It surfed like a dream this afternoon! I LOVE it!!!

If you haven’t tried stand up paddle boarding you should! It’s a great workout on the bay or catching waves.
I love it!!!

WARDOGSeas the day