USA Made Bamboo SUPs

USA Made Bamboo SUPs

A couple of custom USA Made Bamboo SUPs fresh into the shop…9′ WD Stoke for Mike in Oregon…and, Bnaught’s custom 9’6″ Stoke Xtra Wide…

sups eco boards bamboo12 USA Made Bamboo SUPs

sups eco boards bamboo10 USA Made Bamboo SUPs

sups eco boards bamboo28 USA Made Bamboo SUPs

sups eco boards bamboo24 USA Made Bamboo SUPs

Brian back in to pick up his 2nd custom SUP…

sups customer bnaught USA Made Bamboo SUPs

sups eco boards bamboo5 USA Made Bamboo SUPs

sups eco boards bamboo3 USA Made Bamboo SUPs


Jammer Jam

Jammer Jam

Got some fun barreling waves on my 7’10″ Jammer SUP…even got a hoot from a short boarder that got captured…;-)

Stoked with the weather forecast…nice all week…possible 85* on Tuesday…

WARDOGJammer Jam



The US premiere of the Danish surf film, STANDING ON WATER, is tonight at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival…

Screenings at 7PM 2/4 and 4PM 2/5 at the Fiesta 5 Theatre 916 State St.

Running time: 65 mins.


Standing on Water is a story of overcoming your fears and following your passion. It’s the journey of how Casper Steinfath despite his fear of water became one of the best stand up paddle surfers in the world as the only person from Denmark. It’s a story of how far passion can take you in life, even if you grow up in a small and isolated fishing village in the middle of nowhere. Strong family bonds, brotherhood, and the birth of a Danish surf community in what today is known as Cold Hawaii set the stage in this meditative portrait of a life lived by and for the ever-changing ocean.


Casper Steinfath grew up traveling the world with his mom, dad, and younger brother. He was always on a beach somewhere, playing by the waterside and tandem-surfing with his dad. However, as a child Casper developed a phobia of water, especially of his head being submerged. When the family settled down they chose a small fishing village in the north of Denmark called Klitmøller, not suspecting that this isolated community so close to the sea ironically held an even greater fear – parents refused to let their children play in the untamed power of the Nordic sea, in case the waters would claim them. Now at 21 years of age, Casper Steinfath has become the only Danish professional stand up paddle surfer and waterman, a 2-time ISA SUP world champion and surfing for a living. Follow Casper’s journey from taking the first steps in his childhood, through youth and adulthood on to a professional career in surfing. Standing On Water – the tides that shape a life.

Skærmbillede+2015 12 15+kl.+14.55.25 STANDING ON WATER

Original music composed by Adam McKenzie
Songs by Spleen United, Meridian, Ice MC & Quick Quick Obey


Rashelle’s Hammer WindSUP

Rashelle’s Hammer WindSUP

We just finished Rashelle’s custom 9’5″ Hammer WindSUP…she is going to sail and paddle it with her daughter up in Michigan…

sups 95 hammer windsup rashelle7 Rashelles Hammer WindSUP

sups 95 hammer windsup rashelle14 Rashelles Hammer WindSUP

Exposed carbon rails…

sups 95 hammer windsup rashelle6 Rashelles Hammer WindSUP

sups 95 hammer windsup rashelle4 Rashelles Hammer WindSUP

Carbon reveals as pin lines…

sups 95 hammer windsup rashelle3 Rashelles Hammer WindSUP

Check out these vid clips of the 8’11″ Hammer windSUP

Rashelle’s Hammer WindSUP pics…and, a few others that we have built for folks all over the country…Mark in Texas…Andy in North Carolina…Tom in Michigan…Ace in Vermont…Eric in San Diego…etc…

Here is what Andy had to say…

Subject: 8’11″ Hammer WindSUP
Hey Wardog —

Board arrived with zero damage. You guys really know how to pack ‘em — wayyyyy better than other boards I’ve had shipped. I wrote the “concealed damage” language on the delivery doc, but I’m 99.99% sure there’s no damage.

The construction is outstanding — light and (seemingly) strong, and everything finished perfectly. Graphics are similarly perfect — great job!

Picked it up yesterday and got it home in time for the wind to die (and there’s no surf). Paddled it briefly in 2-foot slop chop leftover from the wind. Early indications are stability is great — didn’t manage to fall — and that I need to work on my paddling technique to keep it tracking straighter. I also noted (thanks to your descriptions) that catching the slop downwind with the dying wind worked better the farther forward I went; board seemed to speed up the father forward I went.

Looking forward to getting to know it.


Andy K***** (Manteo, NC)

2nd ride report – 6/13/15

Hey Wardog — All really good (although still no real waves): sailed it in 14-28 averaging 20 mph on flat water/chop with a super freak 6.7 overpowered lots of the time.
It planes up easily and stays upwind easily, plenty of volume and stability to tack, and has the lovely SUP quality of making it almost impossible to totally blow a jibe.

I still don’t have turning dialed — but I think it is less responsive to conventional rail pressure with toe or heel pressure (or I’m doing it wrong) but very responsive to moving your back foot to the leeward or windward rail. I haven’t dialed in keeping speed through a jibe in short-period chop, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get that figured out.

I was very pleased at how smooth it was in crappy jet-ski influenced chop. Can’t wait to sail it in bigger swell. This morning I paddled it in offshore ocean wind with almost no waves. In smooth water it paddled really well – I was able to paddle with and spin around and follow a pod of dolphins and also paddle back in easily with decent speed against the ~15mph wind.

I managed to catch 2 tiny waves and was pretty excited by how fast the board accelerated. It paddled pretty straight, too — much better than in the washing machine chop I tried it in earlier. So far, so great =— and it’s still a work of art!

Best, Andy

WARDOGRashelle’s Hammer WindSUP

New SUP Toys

New SUP Toys

Lots of cool stuff coming down the pipe…including new production value priced epoxy SUP boards in our Maui Blue and Seafoam Green colorways at $1099…vacuum bagged with full layers of wood veneer top and bottom…‪#‎stokedforlife‬ ‪#‎sup‬ ‪#‎standuppaddle‬

sups painted epoxy hammer blue seafoam 1200 New SUP Toys

Our vacuum bagged production Australian Pine wood veneer SUPs at $1299 most models and our production two tone brushed carbon SUPs at $1799 in Maui Blue and seafoam green colorways…

sups production1 1200 New SUP Toys

Of course we offer all of our models in a California, USA built version with customization options of dimensions and graphics just for you…

sups customs2 1200 New SUP Toys

sups customs1 1200 New SUP Toys


SUP Board Bags

SUP Board Bags

We have a variety of high quality SUP Sports® designed SUP board bags in stock…sizes and styles that fit our SUPs from the 7’4″ Jammer up through our 11’11″ One World Surfari touring model…as well as most other branded SUPs…

Protect your board investment…it’s a dime on the dollar…

Some pics of our new Stoke sidewall bag along with the WD SUP short board sidewall bag…and SUP board bags for the Hammer, Mahalo, & One World SUPs…

SUPS sidewall bag 1200 SUP Board Bags

SUPS sidewall bag stoked 1200 SUP Board Bags

SUPS sidewall bag handle SUP Board Bags

SUPS sidewall bag tag 1200 SUP Board Bags

sups bags 124 nu26 SUP Board Bags

sups bags detail3 SUP Board Bags

sups bags 1000 SUP Board Bags

sups bags detail4 SUP Board Bags


One Fine Day

One Fine Day

Kinda cool when the planets align and conditions come together to create an awesome session…glassy, warm, sunny day with semi-hollow pumping reef/point waves…and, very few people…even saw a hawk checking things out…

I got a few mackers…definitely got my 9’2″ WD Stoke up to speed…lots of sizable overhead waves with hollow sections…GoPro makes everything look smaller…;-)

winter2016 sb reef waves74 One Fine Day

winter2016 sb reef waves55 One Fine Day

Enjoy the video clip below:

WARDOGOne Fine Day

El Nino Waves

El Nino Waves

Paddle surfing the 2016 MLK weekend swell in Santa Barbara on the 9’2″ WD Stoke…consistently overhead…we’re finally getting El Nino waves…

The lighting was poor as we had drizzle throughout the weekend…we’ll take all of the moisture mother nature will give us…and, the surf, too…;-)

Enjoy the video clip and gallery below…

winter2016 sb reef waves8 1024x768 El Nino Waves

winter2016 sb reef waves15 1024x768 El Nino Waves

winter2016 sb reef waves30 1024x576 El Nino Waves


sups wd 92stoke 1200 1024x880 El Nino Waves

Here’s another clip…same spot…same board…but, sunny day with better lighting…

WARDOGEl Nino Waves

California USA Built SUPs

California USA Built SUPs

Jeremy’s California, USA made 8’8″” lime two tone…green bottom/white deck…brushed carbon WD for Canadian waves…he ordered it 2 days before Christmas…and, Tony’s California, USA made 9’2″ carbon hybrid WD Stoke for the Oregon Coast is also finished…we busted that beaut out with an 11 day turnaround as we had the stock sized CNC machine cut foam blank in stock…

Local artiste, Mike Irwin, also is getting an 8’10″ WD shown in the gallery…

We’ll top them off with a black SUP Sports® pads…

We’ve also got a 9′ vacuum bagged bamboo veneer Ecoboard WD Stoke going for Mike on the Oregon Coast…and, Brian is back for another custom…this time a 9’6″  vacuum bagged bamboo veneer Ecoboard Stoke X-Wide…plus, a 9’5″ Hammer windSUP for Rashelle up in Michigan…

What does your dream American made custom SUP look like?

We also have a number of these USA built artisan quality boards in stock at our store ready to be adopted…

SUPS 805 CUSTOM20 1024x768 California USA Built SUPs


Here’s an action clip showing our 9’2″, like the one Tony is getting, and also our longer 9’6″ Stoke models…


WARDOGCalifornia USA Built SUPs

Happy New SUP Year

I just got a new California built 10′ Mahalo Shaka Ecoboard SUP with flax bottom in “Organi-flex” construction to add to the quiver…‪this board will carry me up into the big and a half range…;-)

sups mahalo shaka flax7 1024x905 Happy New SUP Year

sups mahalo shaka flax25 1024x768 Happy New SUP Year

sups mahalo shaka flax22 1024x768 Happy New SUP Year

We’ve also been working on a bunch of other boards…here’s a couple of bamboo veneer Ecoboards for Chris and Kathy…

sups hammer 95 bamboo11 Happy New SUP Year

sups hammer 95 bamboo12 Happy New SUP Year

sups hammer 95 bamboo19 Happy New SUP Year

sups hammer 95 bamboo17 1024x768 Happy New SUP Year

sups hammer 95 bamboo9 1024x768 Happy New SUP Year

sups hammer 95 bamboo6 Happy New SUP Year

Here’s a couple of killer 8’10″ WDs in carbon…the brushed carbon weighs 18.1# and the carbon hybrid is 19.1#…these are in stock and ready to be adopted…

SUPS WD 810 USA2 Happy New SUP Year

SUPS WD 810 USA1 Happy New SUP Year

WARDOGHappy New SUP Year