Proof’s in da Pudding

Proof’s in da pudding…Woody and I had a hella good and sweet sesh this morning on our new carbon SUP boards that have been featured in the last couple of blog posts…so exciting to push the envelope of performance by testing in challenging surf…this spot is known for breaking boards like twigs…and, in fact we did see a couple of casualties yesterday…

Gallery pics are Woody on the 8’10″ WD “Flame Thrower” we recently built him…and, I took my new 7’10″ “Pearl Jammer” out…we couldn’t be happier…they worked UNREAL!

sups jalama wd 710 jammer1 Proofs in da Pudding

sups jalama wd 710 jammer2 Proofs in da Pudding

sups jalama wd 810 woody3 Proofs in da Pudding

sups jalama wd 810 woody13 Proofs in da Pudding

sups jalama wd 810 woody11 Proofs in da Pudding

sups jalama wd 810 woody12 Proofs in da Pudding

The “pudding” is in the EPS foam…we use the best available foam on the market along with the most technologically advanced “Powerline’ stringer material…the shaping software guarantees accurate volumetric distribution and cutting of the foam into a close tolerance CNC machine cut blank…of course, they are all finish shaped and glassed by master craftsman with decades in the surf industry…click the link if you are ready to take the next step to a custom SUP

WARDOGProof’s in da Pudding

Custom WD 8’10″ with Flames

So stoked to build Woody a custom carbon 8’10″ x 30″ WD medium wave sized Cali gun for this coming Winter’s waves…HOT!!!
BTW, he has built a career as a firefighter in the “Golden State”…

sups 810 gun woody1 Custom WD 810 with Flames

sups 810 gun woody4 Custom WD 810 with Flames

sups 810 gun woody2 Custom WD 810 with Flames

sups 810 gun woody3 Custom WD 810 with Flames

sups 810 gun woody12 Custom WD 810 with Flames

A couple of shots showing our production 8’10″ x 32″ WD in Australian Pine with an 8’10″ x 30″ custom carbon…we can individually tailor the board of your dreams…visit our California Custom SUP page for more details…

sups 810 wd custom3 Custom WD 810 with Flames

sups 810 wd custom2 Custom WD 810 with Flames

sups 810 wd custom1 Custom WD 810 with Flames

WARDOGCustom WD 8’10″ with Flames

Carbon 7’10″ Jammer

Got a chance to float test the new carbon 7’10″ Jammer SUP with S-rail & “Butt Tail” today…

sups 710 carbon jammer40 Carbon 710 Jammer

sups 710 carbon jammer42 Carbon 710 Jammer

The white is a sparkly pearlescent eye popper…I call it the “Pearl Jammer”…;-)

This is the most stable under 8′ SUP I have been on to date…paddled nicely, too…easily stroked into a couple of knee high waves…no problemos…new swell is supposed to hit tonight…should be some waves manana…gonna be hard to sleep…especially, if it surfs anything like my other new 8’5″ Jammer…;-)

sups team south35 1000 Carbon 710 Jammer

sups team south21 1000 Carbon 710 Jammer

WARDOGCarbon 7’10″ Jammer

Find The Best SUP Team Building

Fun team building SUP lesson this morning with the folks at FindTheBest | A Research Engine…beautiful day…cool local company…building a better search engine…and, keeping their folks fit and happy by providing them the opportunity to participate in a fun & healthy outdoor fitness activity like standup paddling…

sups find the best Find The Best SUP Team Building

SUP team building events are great because most everyone is on equal ground…and, you get to see people progress very rapidly with good fundamental SUP instruction…
Mahalos Julie and Nora…for finding the best SUP instructors and SUP company to work with…;-)

WARDOGFind The Best SUP Team Building


We are known for our standup paddle SUP hard good products…boards, paddles, fins…etc…but, as a one stop SUP shop, we have a bunch of cool schwag in our store to add to your stoke level…use the lightbox feature to scroll through the images of some of the schwag that we have available in our store…

Looking for a gift for that special SUP paddler in your life? Our new online store has a really cool “Smart Coupon” gift certificate/store credit feature…


Fall Paddling

Now that Summer is officially over…we are looking forward to Fall paddling weather…the best time of the year…in our hamlet of Santa Barbara…and, all over the water planet in the Northern Hemisphere…

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets…smoother, glassy water with light offshores…water temps are still warm…and, the swells are starting to come from a more westerly angle…

WARDOGFall Paddling

Mat Surfing

A couple of months ago, at Deb’s urging…we rediscovered how much fun mat surfing is/was, again…more fun than a barrel of monkeys in a banana cream pie factory…;-)

Not that we have ever completely forgotten the thrill we had as kids learning on the old canvas rafts…and, witnessing our friends, George Greenough and Kenny Hughes, totally ripping on their surf mats…

mat surfing15 Mat Surfing

deb mat surf1 Mat Surfing

krypt3 Mat Surfing

Click image below to order Krypt MT5 or JT5 surf mats…the most advanced production surf mat ever made…we also stock the ERS4 swim fins designed to offer the best foot molds on the market…comfort and power…

mat surfing14 Mat Surfing

You gotta love the simplicity, and portability, of being able to travel with the fastest surf craft known to man, in a small backpack…mat surfing is a great complement to standup paddling…great workout for your legs…and, being close to the water, everyday is overhead…;-)

sups 4gf21 Mat Surfing

sups san clemente matsurfing5 Mat Surfing

sups 4gf26 Mat Surfing

sups 4gf28 Mat Surfing

sups jalama country8 Mat Surfing

mat surfing5 Mat Surfing

krypt1 Mat Surfing

JBT1a Mat Surfing

More pics in this GALLERY


Developed in 1933, the air filled surf mat was an Australian invention. It predated all of the modern surfboard design and history that we know today.

Krypt is proud to carry on the development of this uniquely Australian surf craft, which is at the cutting edge of high performance surfing, into the 21st century.

The Krypt MT5 Surf Mat is designed by surf mat master Mark Thomson. This 5th generation design is the product of 10 years design experimentation and development, The MT5 sets the standard for advanced fabrics in modern surf mat design and construction.

The MT5 surf mat is made from an ultra thin, lightweight, Hi-Tech military fabric that is incredibly strong and durable. Each surf mat features a self-sealing one-way valve that is unique to Krypt Surf Technology.

In waves that are 1 foot to 10 feet, the Krypt MT5 is a super intuitive and exciting surf mat to ride. It has fantastic grip on the water, which allows for incredible speed, awesome power and extended projection through each turn.

This combination of speed and control makes the MT5 the most advanced production surf mat ever made. This ultra modern surf mat is a high performance surf craft guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you surf.

The future of surf mats has arrived.

The KRYPT MT5, Surf Mat is now available at our brick & mortar store in Santa Barbara and online

WARDOGMat Surfing

Surf Expo 2014

They say that surfing is everything…well, at Surf Expo in Orlando, Fl. everything is surfing…;-)

sups surf expo 11 Surf Expo 2014

sups surf expo 6 Surf Expo 2014

sups surf expo 9 Surf Expo 2014

sups surf expo 2 Surf Expo 2014

sups surf expo 1 Surf Expo 2014

WARDOGSurf Expo 2014

New SUPsports ® Website

Without further ado…after several false starts and delays…the new SUPsports ® website for our SUP store has finally lifted off the launch pad…we’ve also freshened up the look of the blog with a similar skin to integrate with and we are starting construction on soon…thanks for your patience…

There is still some fine tuning and a few fires to put out…then, fully populating the shopping section of the store with all of our killer products…but, it is now open for business!

Please let us know what you think…all feedback is welcome…

supsports new 2014 New SUPsports ® Website

WARDOGNew SUPsports ® Website

Sunday Fun Day

Fun day to play on the 8’11″ and 9’5″ Hammers…

sups sb summer40 Sunday Fun Day

sups sb summer25 Sunday Fun Day

sups sb summer23 Sunday Fun Day

sups sb summer22 Sunday Fun Day

sups sb summer38 Sunday Fun Day

sups sb summer19 Sunday Fun Day

More pics in this GALLERY

WARDOGSunday Fun Day