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We showcase only the best standup paddle boards, standup paddles, & paddle accessories available. Check out our industry leading SUPsports ® standup paddle boards.


Sunday, August 17th, 2014

SUP Sports ® Board Lineup

Here is the SUP Sports ® Board Lineup sneak peek that will be appearing in the 2014 DEEP Board Buyers guide…

sups 2014 deep1200 SUP Sports ® Board Lineup

All Boards include:

1. Wardog-designed custom bamboo fin(s).
2. Non-H20 absorbing deck pad with integrated kicker.
3. Automatic GoreTex breather.
4. Dual leash plugs.
5. Big wave rated leash with safety quick connect…plus, shwag…and, a heapin’ helpin’ of pure old school STOKE!

Board Construction Options: Wood Sandwich, Carbon Sandwich, and all 23 models are available as “Made in California” SUPerLite carbon or epoxy customs.

Pricing is easy…here’s how it works:

The gorgeous boutique quality production boards with Australian Pine decks are $1299; boards with Australian Pine decks – Top and Bottom are $1399; and our two tone brushed SUPer-Lite carbons are $1799.

CUSTOM SUP’s Made in California range from $1449 to $1899.

WD Series:

7’11″ WD Wave
Ultra High Performance Wave Ripper

7’11″ x 29.5″ x 4.4″ : 120 liters (Quad +1)

The new 7’11″ WD was developed for lighter and/or more advanced wave rippers. This board is very stable despite it’s extreme maneuverability. It is going to challenge you to go for it, more than you are going to challenge it to give you more. Very fast rocker lines and responsiveness for top to bottom squared off surfing.

8’4″ & 8’6″ WD Wave
High Performance Wave Rippers

8’4″ x 30″ x 4.6″ : 132 liters (Quad +1)
8’6″ x 31″ x 4.6″ : 140 liters (Quad +1)

The 8’4″ & 8’6″ WD were developed for more advanced wave rippers to push the limits of short board paddlesurfing. These boards are very stable with generous volume for their size, and will reward you with extreme maneuverability. Ride them as a quad to get max speed out of them…on bigger days add a StubNub or switch out to tri-fin for more drive. Very fast rocker lines and responsiveness for top to bottom squared off surfing.

8’10″ & 9’2″ WD Wave
High Performance Wave Rippers

8’10″ x 32″ x 4.6″ : 150 liters (Quad +1)
9’2″ x 32″ x 4.6″ : 158 liters (Quad +1

The 8’10″ & 9’2″ WD were developed for bigger guys who are more advanced wave riders.
Wardog’s original 8’10″ WD was put into production by Starboard with Wardog’s signature, which he named the “Wide Point”. We have further refined this global best seller and added a slightly longer version to push the limits of short board paddlesurfing. These boards are known for stability with generous volume for their size, and will reward you with extreme maneuverability. Ride them as a quad to get max speed out of them…on bigger days add a StubNub or switch out to tri-fin for more drive. Rips in surf from 2 – 10′. Great travel boards.
Very fast rocker lines and responsiveness for top to bottom squared off surfing.

All Wave Model SUP

9’6″ x 30.5″ x 4.4″ : 150 liters (Quad +1)
9’6″ x 32″ x 4.4″ : 165 liters (Quad +1)
9’6″ x 33.5″ x 4.4″ : 175 liters (Quad +1)

The STOKE model is our #1 all around wave rider for most avg-size riders and is a great airline friendly travel board. We’ve added the Xtra-Wide size for bigger riders who want a smaller board that will surf more like a shortboard. Women especially like this board in our SUPer-Light Carbon construction for improved off water mobility.

Best All Around SUP

10’ x 30″ x 4.4″ : 160 liters (Quad +1)
10’3″ x 29.5″ x 4.3″ : 165 liters (2 +1)
10’3″ x 31″ x 4.5″ : 175 liters (Quad +1)
10’3″ x 33″ x 4.5″ : 185 liters (Quad +1)

The MAHALO is a very refined all around SUP that excels as both a wave rider with great glide and stability…as well as all water paddler. The two widest sizes were designed for bigger riders who want a maneuverable wave board and/or even women paddlers that want more stability for paddling with their children and/or dogs. The new Mahalo Shaka is a responsive design with paddle power.


All Around Cruiser

11’1″ x 30″ x 4.6″ : 200 liters (2 +1)
11’1″ x 32″ x 4.6″ : 215 liters (2 +1)

The name says it all: ONE WORLD. One board that ANYONE can ride ANYWHERE in the world…the ONE WORLD is the truest execution of an “all waters” SUP on this water planet…arguably, the best all-around SUP on the market. ONE BOARD…ONE PADDLE…ONE WORLD.
The board has incredible glide for an 11’1″ board, better than other company’s 12’6″ racers…and, it can ride waves from 2′ – 20′.

Coastal Surfing Cruiser

11’11″ x 31″ x 4.6″ : 225 liters (2 +1)

The ONE WORLD SURFARI is an excellent choice for fitness paddling and coastal touring/surf. Maximum glide and speed with very refined, soulful, longboard style wave riding characteristics…capable of surfing massive walls of moving water if you are…and, has greater glide and stability than many canoe nose SUP’s on the market…and, is way funner!

All Around SUP

7’11″ x 31″ x 4.4″ : 132 liters (Quad +1)
8’5″ x 31″ x 4.4″ : 140 liters (Quad +1)
8’11″ x 31″ x 4.4″ : 148 liters (Quad +1)
9’5″ x 31″ x 4.4″ : 160 liters (Quad +1)
9’5″ x 33″ x 4.6″ : 178 liters (Quad +1)
10’ x 31″ x 4.4″ : 170 liters (Quad +1)
10’3″ x 32″ x 4.4″ : 188 liters (Quad +1)
10’6″ x 33″ x 4.4″ : 198 liters (Quad +1)

The Hammer has become a smash hit! As close to the “Holy Grail” of the ultimate one board all around all water solution as has existed.

100% designed to maximize surfing the waves wherever you find them.

The Hammer has 3 distinct riding areas…it speeds up when you move into the nose area for extra long nose rides…it can be trimmed from the middle while turning…and, it rips turns off the tail like a short board. Especially, with our custom fin sets.

Because of it’s incredible stability…phenomenal glide…and, optimized volume distribution…etc…you can ride it around 8″ to 1′ shorter than you normally would…which helps tremendously in maneuverability and off-water mobility. Available in custom sizes.

sups 2tone colors 1000 SUP Sports ® Board Lineup

sups board line 1200 SUP Sports ® Board Lineup

sups hammer lineup 1200 SUP Sports ® Board Lineup

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Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Stoked For Life

A few of our Stoked For Life ® clients…miles of smiles…

sups stoked clients 1200 Stoked For Life

We live to keep you stoked…Stoked for Life ® …That’s our passion!

stoked clients 1200b Stoked For Life

Whether it’s your first board purchase from us…or, your 10th…you will always receive the gold standard of excellent customer service in our store…

stoked clients 1200 Stoked For Life

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Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Country Summer

Some fun waves on a country Summer day yesterday…

sups jalama country24 Country Summer

The chilly water temps north of Pt. C put WD back in a wetsuit…first time since the end of May…

sups jalama country14 Country Summer

The chilly water temps north of Pt. C put WD back in a wetsuit…first time since the end of May…

sups jalama country17 Country Summer

The 9’2″ hybrid carbon Stoke was a good call…

sups jalama country18 Country Summer

sups jalama country13 Country Summer

sups jalama country16 Country Summer

sups jalama country4 Country Summer

sups jalama country12 Country Summer

sups jalama country31 Country Summer

Our new Chocolate Lab puppy, Miranda, got to enjoy her first day in the country as well…

sups jalama country38 Country Summer

Annie’s paws are pretty big to fill…but, Miranda has been game since the git go…

sups jalama country41 Country Summer

sups jalama country42 Country Summer

A deer in broad daylight on the beach…

sups jalama country28 Country Summer

A Blue Heron fishing…

sups jalama country28 Country Summer

sups jalama country57 Country Summer

Lots more country Summer images in this GALLERY

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Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Mahalo Shaka

The Mahalo Shaka is the coolest standup paddle board name and icon on the market…;-)

Not to mention that it weighs in at a remarkable 18.5# in our carbon construction…light, tight, bright, built right, & SUPerLite!

sups mahalo shaka 1000 Mahalo Shaka

sups mahalo shaka2 Mahalo Shaka

At 10′ x 30″ and 160 liters…it’s also a one board quiver killer for a lot of folks…at least the minimalists out there…;-)

We worked into the night unloading our latest Summer container of boards to get to them…couldn’t wait to uncork one!…

sups container july2 Mahalo Shaka

sups container july4 Mahalo Shaka

Shown here in carbon Seafoam with two tone finish sandwiched between our 10’3″ x 29.5″ Mahalo and our 9’6″ x 30.5″ Stoke…

sups shaka mahalo14 Mahalo Shaka

sups shaka mahalo15 Mahalo Shaka

Shown here with our 10’3″ x 29.5″ Mahalo and 10’3″ x 31″ Mahalo…

sups shaka mahalo8 Mahalo Shaka

sups shaka mahalo11 Mahalo Shaka

The Mahalo Shaka is the perfect blend of glide, off-water mobility, maneuverability, and function…

sups shaka mahalo5 Mahalo Shaka

sups shaka mahalo4 Mahalo Shaka

The Mahalo Shaka image GALLERY

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Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Raising the Bar…Again

Alrighty then…we’re raising the bar…again…this time even higher than ever in the SUP board industry…;-)

Check out our latest iteration of our artisan quality…one of a kine kine…built locally by surfing craftsman in the ’805′ California high performance standup paddle boards…SUPerLite weights…14.5# – 18#…light, tight, & freakin’ bright, ya’ll!!!

sups 805 artisan20 Raising the Bar...Again

sups 805 artisan23 Raising the Bar...Again

sups 805 artisan21 Raising the Bar...Again

sups 805 artisan2 Raising the Bar...Again

sups 805 artisan6 Raising the Bar...Again

sups 805 artisan13 Raising the Bar...Again

sups 805 artisan15 Raising the Bar...Again

sups 805 artisan29 Raising the Bar...Again

It’s a little amusing when we see the big corporate owned production companies spout off hollow marketing words like “revolutionary” and “game changer” only to roll out the same ol’ milli vanilli copy cat run of the mill lineup that is frozen in time for the next year or more…oh, and spraying a carbon board with a rattle can of paint doesn’t make it look “rad” or mo’ bettah, brah…;-)

More images in this GALLERY

#stokedforlife #usamadesups @standuppaddlesports #sup #customsup #beyourself Stand Up Paddle Sports, Santa Barbara CA

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Hammer SUP Series

There’s quite a buzz going on with our Hammer SUP Series…the stoke is spreading like wildfires out of control…Canada to Brazil…Washington to Central America…California to Maine…Illinois to Texas…and, all points in-between…word is out that Da Hammer is the best all around, all waters SUP on the world market…the ultimate magic carpet ride…no matter where, what, or how you ride!

sups centro375 Hammer SUP Series

All of our boards are actually ridden by our in-house SUP test team…first hand rider knowledge gives our board designer a leg up on other companies that just slap a surfboard shaping legend’s name on their products…when he doesn’t even do standup…;-)

Da Hammer creator, WARDOG®, putting pedal to the metal with an 8’11″ Hammer in a remote Central American zone…one of the best short board rippers in this area ended up buying it from him…

sups centro30z Hammer SUP Series

sups centro44z Hammer SUP Series

sups centro365 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro243 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro368 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro369 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro370 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro372 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro501 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro374 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro205 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro206 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro212 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro211 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro47z Hammer SUP Series

sups centro367 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro371 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro214 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro500 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro175 Hammer SUP Series

sups centro177 Hammer SUP Series

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Summer Afternoon

Those two words just go together…;-)

A few pics from a relaxing Summer afternoon SUP surfing sesh in Central America on his …

sups centro28 Summer Afternoon

WD carving with gear that is dialed in…WARDOG® Designs 9’2″ Stoke carbon…bamboo CoreFlex quad fins…and, perfect power and paddle flex with the SUP SPORTS ® carbon SUP paddles…plus, Mahiku Activewear knee protection…;-)

sups centro17 Summer Afternoon

sups centro21 Summer Afternoon

sups centro45 Summer Afternoon

sups centro19 Summer Afternoon

sups centro26 Summer Afternoon

sups centro46a Summer Afternoon

sups centro42a Summer Afternoon

sups centro41a Summer Afternoon

sups centro37a Summer Afternoon

sups centro39a Summer Afternoon

sups centro269 Summer Afternoon

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Monday, July 7th, 2014

Hammer Testimonials

Another great Stoked for Life ® Hammer customer testimonial…this one is from Jason on his new 8’5″ Hammer…

sups hammer jason1 Hammer Testimonials

First session on my new 8’5 Hammer — LOVE THIS BOARD!!

Here’s the story… I’ve been on an ARK 11’6 for almost 4 years now… I call it the SS Santa Monica because it is a battle ship.

So I did demo the board – but there were no waves… all I could tell on my test drive was that it was incredibly stable — the 8’11 I took out felt just like my 11’6!!

That actually made me nervous to buy it… would a board that feels like an 11’6 surf any better? But I’d seen all the photos posted, read all about why mini simmons, and egg shapes, how nose concaves and double v in the tail all work to create a sick ride so I snagged the 8’5 on faith.

sups hammer jason3 Hammer Testimonials

My very first drop on a waist high wave was super fun – NOTHING like my old battle ship– super light and lively underfoot, but still so stable on the takeoff… In fact I stuck all but maybe 1 take off, which was at the end and I was just super tired and PS – by that point the kites were out — so pretty damn choppy.

sups hammer jason4 Hammer Testimonials

Best moment of the day – I was coming down the line – and a long boarder was paddling up and over — I was headed right for him and I just thought “turn” and next thing I knew I was going the other way!

Back out in the line up – he says “man – I thought you didn’t see me and I was going to get run over, and then you threw such a sick cutback – that was amazing!”

sups hammer jason6 Hammer Testimonials

sups hammer jason5 Hammer Testimonials

Sick cutback? That was actually first cutback on the Hammer and truth be told, first one not harnessed into my kite! WOOP!

Second best moment – super late in the day, not enough juice left in my arms but went for this pretty tall wave because I was perfect position and nobody anywhere near it. But because of how choppy and windy — and so tired — I kinda hesitated but my buddy is shouting “get in get in” — so I step hard on the nose and it looks too steep…. I’m going to get pitched for sure!

But nope! As soon as I feel the board take off, I scoot back and honestly I think the board just knew what to do cause next thing I know I’m still up and the white water is chasing me!! WHA???

sups hammer jason8 Hammer Testimonials

sups hammer jason7 Hammer Testimonials

Once again this was all on my very first session — so coming down from a monster of an 11’6 I literally had 0 need to re-learn anything or adjust to this board. Love at first drop.


Jason Kadlec (Los Angeles, CA)

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Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Best All Around SUP

The best all around SUP on the market is hands down the Hammer…

Our designer, WARDOG ®, putting an 8’11″ Hammer thru the paces…click image below for more board models…

sups wardog 811 hammer Best All Around SUP

Deb paddling the 8’11″ Hammer at a beautiful flatwater venue on vacation in Central America…

sups deb 811 hammer Best All Around SUP

Best glide, stability, tracking, maneuverability, performance, and value per inch!

The 8’11″ in the above pics was set up as a quad + 1 with our bamboo Coreflex fins…lots of options to dial it in for the particular rider and conditions…

sups hammer fins Best All Around SUP

sups hammer fins2 Best All Around SUP

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Monday, June 30th, 2014

Summer Fun

WD and Deb are down in Latin America having some Summer fun…and, doing R&D on the next round of amazing water toys that will get you

sups centro309 Summer Fun

sups centro305 Summer Fun

sups centro303 Summer Fun

sups centro297 Summer Fun

sups centro287 Summer Fun

sups centro221 Summer Fun

sups centro238 Summer Fun

sups centro229 Summer Fun

sups centro231 Summer Fun

sups centro193 Summer Fun

sups centro194 Summer Fun

sups centro177 Summer Fun

sups centro175 Summer Fun

sups centro212 Summer Fun

sups centro211 Summer Fun

sups centro214 Summer Fun

sups centro159 Summer Fun

sups centro150 Summer Fun

sups centro256 Summer Fun

sups centro264 Summer Fun

sups centro218 Summer Fun

sups centro269 Summer Fun

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