More made in USA SUP goodness…a bunch of One Worlds…a couple of Mahalos…& custom SUPs for Kristi and Kat’s custom Orca Hammer SUP…‪
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sups one world usa12 SUP USA

sups one world usa9 SUP USA

sups one world usa5 SUP USA

sups 95 hammer kat13 1024x886 SUP USA

sups 95 hammer kat8 1024x682 SUP USA


Here’s a pair custom all carbon SUPs that we just built for Kristi…a 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo Xtra-Wide Seafoam with exposed carbon rail reveal…21#…and, an 11’1″ x 32″ One World Wide…Maui Blue with exposed carbon rail reveal…23#…

sups carbon boat sups14 1024x962 SUP USA


sups carbon boat sups12 1024x768 SUP USA



100% USA sourced product…100% made by Americans…custom SUPs from a boutique mom & pop company.
First dedicated SUP shop in North America. StandUp Paddle Sports® since 2005…


SUP America


SUPS flag2 1 1024x768 SUP America

As the first dedicated SUP shop in the Americas (North or South), we are stoked to be one of the few SUP companies that offer standup paddle boards that are 100% crafted with pride right here in the USA…

sups flag10 1024x286 SUP America

sup usa1 1024x853 SUP America

For the last 10 years we have been guided by the same virtues and principles that America was founded on…old-fashioned hard work, ingenuity, drive, and simply doing the right things the right way…superior customer service…that is our value proposition…

Here’s a few made in USA SUP boards that we have recently completed…


StandupPaddleSports Instagram

Like the images you see here?
Check out our @standuppaddlesports Instagram page for lots more quality standup paddle sports eye poppers…

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sups instagram 1200 819x1024 StandupPaddleSports Instagram

sups summer pineview 1024x768 StandupPaddleSports Instagram

sups tahoe ss red1200 1024x768 StandupPaddleSports Instagram

sups tahoe red2 822x1024 StandupPaddleSports Instagram

sups tahoe red 1200 1024x768 StandupPaddleSports Instagram

WARDOGStandupPaddleSports Instagram

Summer SUP

Summer SUP

Learning to standup paddle is a great Summer activity…oftentimes, it’s also a lifestyle change agent…our mantra is Stoked For Life ®

Standup paddling is a fairly easy sport to learn…we’ve taught over 4000 people over the last 10 years here in Santa Barbara…great for all ages…but, it’s also easy to learn bad paddling technique without some instruction…we start all of our SUP lessons with teaching proper paddling FUNdamentals…

find the best18 1024x768 Summer SUP

find the best16 1024x768 Summer SUP

find the best23 1024x768 Summer SUP


SUP Idaho

2015 Payette River Games

Mo Freitas won both the Cross and the SUPer G on our production 11’1″ x 32″ One World Wide SUP…with 1″ hacksawed off the nose to make the 11′ board limit…to take the first place and a $10,000 check…against a world class field on the latest inflatable technology river and race boards…and, all of the other hard boards for that matter vying for $50,000 in prize money at Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho…SUP Idaho…

sups one world mo2 1024x576 SUP Idaho

sups one world mo1 SUP Idaho

Mo Freitas blowing away the world class field of athletes at the 2015 Payette River Games on our seafoam One World Wide…

sups one world mo4 1024x576 SUP Idaho

sups prg idaho1 1024x576 SUP Idaho

sups one world mo6 1024x488 SUP Idaho

(1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, 20th place = 1 point)

# / Name / Best Time
1 Mo Freitas 02:50.01
2 Zane Schweitzer 02:53.13
3 Slater Trout 02:54.41
4 Noa Ginella 02:55.56
5 Sean Poynter 03:04.01
6 Giorgio Gomez 03:06.19
7 Dane Jackson 03:07.13
8 Masayuki ‘Yacu’ Takahata 03:07.61
9 Eric Giddens 03:07.61
10 Toby Cracknell 03:08.28
11 Michael Tavares 03:09.14
12 Bernd Roediger 03:09.17
13 Spencer Lacy 03:09.57
14 Chuck Glynn 03:11.57
15 Fernando Stalla 03:13.61
16 Bradley Hilton 03:15.54
17 Kelly Margetts 03:20.25
18 Luke Hopkins 03:26.04
19 Chris Cragtmans 03:34.61
20 Ryan Helm 03:37.43

Note: Top 20 raced on Sunday, Top 43 raced Saturday, entire field raced on Friday

(1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, 20th place = 1 point)

1st: Mo Freitas
2nd: Dane Jackson
3rd: Fernando Stalla
4th: Bernd Roediger
5th: Eric Giddens
6th: Sean Poynter
7th: Toby Cracknell
8th: Masayuki “Yacu” Takahata
9th: Zane Schweitzer
10th: Slater Trout
11th: Luke Hopkins
12th: Giorgio Gomez
13th: Spencer Lacy
14th: Mike Harvey
15th: Mike Tavares
16th: Chuck Glynn
17th: Peter Bartl
18th: Gaetan Sene
19th: Noa Hopper
20th: Brennan Rose


Christina’s Saltwater Sisterhood

SUP lessons, demos, & rentals

Bride to be SUP party…
Christina’s “Saltwater Sisterhood” from the SF Bay Area in town for a bachelorette standup paddle party…we had fun with you guys…good luck & congrats on the big day!

sups bachelorette28 Christinas Saltwater Sisterhood sups bachelorette20 1024x768 Christinas Saltwater Sisterhood sups bachelorette15 1024x588 Christinas Saltwater Sisterhood sups bachelorette13 1024x768 Christinas Saltwater Sisterhood

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WARDOGChristina’s Saltwater Sisterhood

Michigan SUP’s

A couple of custom all carbon SUP’s for Tom and the family lake house in Michigan…a 10’6″ Hammer WindSUP and an 11’1″ One World Wide…

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sups 106hammer 111oneworld tom22 Michigan SUPs sups 106hammer 111oneworld tom19 Michigan SUPs sups 106hammer 111oneworld tom20 Michigan SUPs sups 106hammer 111oneworld tom2 1024x682 Michigan SUPs sups 106hammer 111oneworld tom13 1024x682 Michigan SUPs


WARDOGMichigan SUP’s

Surf Stoke



Getting some surf stoke on with a few of our board, fin, & paddle combos…

WARDOGSurf Stoke



We have a good supply of our SUPer popular WARDOG® fin line back in stock and ready for purchase online or through our store…distributors or shops interested in carrying them can contact us through our dealer application page

sups fins tech3 WARDOG® SUP Fins

sups fins lineup final 909x1024 WARDOG® SUP Fins

2.25″ StubNub…CLICK PIC & BUY NOW…
sups fins 225 wardog 600 WARDOG® SUP Fins

4″ Futures Sidebiter…CLICK PIC & BUY NOW…
sups wd fin 4 futures 600 WARDOG® SUP Fins

5″ Futures Sidebiter…CLICK PIC & BUY NOW…
sups wd fin 5 futures 600 WARDOG® SUP Fins

8.25″ WD wave…CLICK PIC & BUY NOW…
sups wd fin 825 600A WARDOG® SUP Fins

These SUP fins have had over a decade of development…fine tuned fin foil, flex, aspect ratio, rake angle, COE (center of effort), base width, planform, and distribution of area from LE to TE…placement…etc…all affect feel and performance…we have optimized lateral resistance, speed, drive, and, turning radius…the performance will blow you away!



sups wd fins1 1024x682 WARDOG® SUP Fins


Adjustable SUP Paddles

Adjustable SUP Paddles

Our carbon shaft with fiberglass blade adjustable SUP paddles are on sale for $199…



supsports paddles 90 100 full2 1000 wht Adjustable SUP Paddles

supsports paddles 90 100 full 1000 wht Adjustable SUP Paddles

supsports paddles 90 100 blades4 1000 wht Adjustable SUP Paddles

supsports paddles 90 100 blades2 1000 wht Adjustable SUP Paddles

sups adj paddle018 Adjustable SUP Paddles

sups adj paddle019 Adjustable SUP Paddles

More info…

WARDOGAdjustable SUP Paddles