SUP Dreams

Making SUP Dreams Come True

We’re making SUP dreams come true for our clients…one board at a time…;-)

Here’s a couple of custom SUP’s just outta the oven…9’8″ Hammers for Joe and Brian…an, 11’1″ One World for Mark…also, a 7’8″ carbon Jammer for a special somebody…;-)

More on the way for Cathy, Regina, Rob, Andy, Jesse, Matt, & Krista…




We custom fit our Made in USA SUP’s exactly to each client’s specifications…

Visit our California built SUP page for more details on ordering your very own customized one of a kine SUP board…

Here’s an insanely beautiful custom double sided wood veneer 9’6″ x 32″ Stoke Wide for Mac in Canada…

Earth Day ECOBOARD Project certified…purple metal flake rails with orange highlights and white pin lines…

sups 96 stoke mac13 SUP USA

sups 96 stoke mac14 SUP USA

His kids Jacob (Jake) and Penny helped with the graphic design…and, got their names scripted on the bottom…

Also, a couple of his Vancouver bros are getting boards from us…thanks guys!

We built Lance on the Oregon Coast a custom carbon 8’5″ Hammer with a Deadpool tweak…sweet carbon reveal used in the graphics…

sups 85 hammer lance18 1024x768 SUP USA

sups 85 hammer lance21 1024x768 SUP USA

Next up are custom built SUP USA boards for Joe from San Luis Obispo county…Cathy from Los Angeles…local clients Brian & Eric…Andy with an 8’11″ WindSUP Hammer in North Carolina…plus, Jesse from Panama…also, Rob & Regina from Virginia both getting carbon customs…


Hammer WindSUP

Had a perfect 5.8m2 day on the 8’11″ Hammer WindSUP…best turning…fastest sailing…WindSUP we’ve ever been on…comfortably gets on a plane…goes to weather easily…shlog out in the lightest breeze…

Here it is from three different points of view…beach cam…mast mount…& mouth mount…

cali big sur172 1024x768 Hammer WindSUP

cali big sur150 1024x597 Hammer WindSUP

cali big sur160 1024x597 Hammer WindSUP

cali big sur127 1024x768 Hammer WindSUP


Big Sur Windsurfing

Just got back from a couple of fun days camping and Big Sur windsurfing…Spring was definitely in the air…

cali big sur12 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur36 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur38 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur54 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur69 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur68 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur72 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur83 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur92 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

cali big sur98 1024x768 Big Sur Windsurfing

WARDOGBig Sur Windsurfing

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Jalama “land of changing wind” picked up a hella Southerly swell the last few days…

sups jalama country300 1024x768 Beauty and the Beast

WARDOGBeauty and the Beast

Hannah’s B-day SUP Party

Pre-teen StandUp Paddle Party

Hannah rounded up a dozen of her friends to share the stoke of standup paddling with SUP lessons for her 12th birthday party…she even got her mom, Mary, stoked for life!

sups paddle party16 1024x768 Hannahs B day SUP Party

We started the group with expert lessons and water safety…then we took to the water to practice…we also took pics and they all got SUP tshirts…they said it was the funnest party they have ever had!

Sound like fun?
We can help you pull off a dream team building SUP event…or, private party like Hannah’s…click here for details

WARDOGHannah’s B-day SUP Party

7’6″ Mallet SUP

7’6″ Mallet SUP

Beautiful waves this morning for dawn patrol on the Gold Coast…
Al & I were trading waves and trading boards…7’6″ Mallet SUP model and 7’8″ Jammer SUP model…lots of lefts and lots of rights…‪

sups 76 mallet al1 1024x768 76 Mallet SUP


WARDOG7’6″ Mallet SUP

California Built SUP’s

California Built SUP’s

Many of the boards that we showed you being built in the last California Built blog post have been finished up and are ready to dance!

WARDOGCalifornia Built SUP’s

SUP Pups

SUP Pups…standup paddling with the dogs

Molly and Miranda enjoying a California winter 80* Sunday funday at the beach on their fav standup paddleboard…the Hammer soft top…the best built and performing soft top SUP on the market…K9 approved…;-)

sups pups goleta10 1024x576 SUP Pups


Winter in Santa Barbara

Winter in Santa Barbara

Wait, what?!?!…;-)

Seems like this Winter in Santa Barbara has been an endless Summer…we experiencing another string of 80* F weather in Santa Barbara…the water temps are still comfortable in the low 60′s…perfect weather for paddling in trunks…California Dreamin’ on a Fantastic Friday and SUPer Saturday!!!

Here’s Grant paddling a custom 10’3″ carbon Mahalo that we made for Dr. Ron…who is sharing some incredible drone images and video of Santa Barbara standup paddling venues with us…enjoy…

sups ron drone mahalo5 1024x768 Winter in Santa Barbara

Also, be sure to check out the Mahalo Series SUP’s…including the Mahalo Shaka…

WARDOGWinter in Santa Barbara